Make-IT Technical Meeting

Technical meeting of trainers in the metalworking industry

The MAKE-IT Project was presented during the event " Technical meeting of trainers in the metalworking industry, which took place the 18th of May in Lisbon. This mid term conference was organized by IEFP and was focused on the overall presentation of project, including the pedagogical approaches applied and the main results. EWF, as project coordinator, moderated the presentation and explained the role of the Welding International Qualifications in the framework of the Sector Skills Alliance (ERASMUS+ Call). ISQ, the Portuguese Welding Institute, presented the learning outcomes and new pedagogical approaches. While, ANQEP, the National Authority for Qualification, explained the main steps, phases and instruments supporting the development of the RPL model for the Welding Sector. Finally, IEFP trainers, shared their experience and know-how in developing training materials for the Pedagogical Kit. This last intervention was particularly relevant and useful for the participants, since the event gathered together mostly trainers from the welding area.

Successful capacity building workshop

New methodological learning approaches

Between 6th and 9th of March at ISQ Training facilities (Porto Salvo, Portugal), was held a capacity building workshop, in the framework of the MAKE IT Happen project.

MAKE IT project

Successful consortium meeting sets next actions

During 9th and 10th of March the consortium had the 4th project meeting, where all the partners were present along with the external project Assessor, Alexandra Costa Artur.
The meeting was hosted in Porto Salvo, Portugal by the ISQ partner and was leaded by EWF, as the project coordinator. Since the project is at its midterm, the discussions were related with the project management and the deliverables analysis.
The consortium set the next project actions, which are: the development of a sustainability strategy, the progress of the dissemination plan for results exploitation, the implementation of pilots testing for the EWP LOS Standard and RPL tools at national level. During the meeting the partners agreed on sharing good practice example regarding the preparation of the multiplier event: MAKE-IT Mid-Term Conference in each partner country: Hungary, Norway, Portugal and Spain.
The multiplier event will address national VET teachers and trainers, VET providers, educational experts, stakeholders, policymakers, decision-makers and speakers from the above-mentioned countries.
If you are interested to take part in one of these events, please contact us, by using the contact form on our website.

MAKE IT project

Meeting - Norway

The MAKE IT project second meeting took place in Olso, Norway, last 2nd and 3rd of May 2016. This meeting served as an opportunity for all partners to get to exchange information, as well as to discuss the work to be developed in the upcoming months.

MAKE IT project

Kick Off Meeting - Portugal

The MAKE IT project kick off meeting took place in the EWF Secretariat, in Porto Salvo, last 23rd and 24th of November 2015. This meeting was a great opportunity for all partners to get to know each other, as well as to discuss the work to be developed in the scope of the project. The next meeting will be held in May, in Oslo, Norway