Let’s MAKE IT happen stand on the European Validation Festival, 14 -15 June 2018, Brussels

Considering the work developed in the framework of MAKE IT, EWF (as the project coordinator) was invited to participate at the first EU Validation Festival, organised by the European Commission in Brussels.

The event was a well-received initiative that brought together around 250 stakeholders representatives, such as practitioners, experts, policy makers, social partners and users from the employment sector, adult education, VET, youth and higher education. The festival provided a good opportunity to showcase policies and best-practices, discuss validation models of informal and non-formal learning in Europe, and reflect on future actions that could be undertaken. Link to the event – here.

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For two days, MAKE IT achieved results were presented on the 19th stand of the EU Validation festival marketplace (details on the market place stand description page 13), allowing participants to discuss and understand the methodology developed for the validation of informal and non-formal learning in the welding sector. Click play to see the MAKE IT video.

For the MAKE IT project, participating at the event has confirmed that such initiatives as the recognition of prior learning experience (welding case) are necessary to continue improving the stakeholders communication and the alignment of industry needs for qualified personnel to vocational education and training services.