Successful capacity building workshop – new methodological learning approaches

Between 6th and 9th of March at ISQ Training facilities (Porto Salvo, Portugal), was held a capacity building workshop, in the framework of the MAKE IT Happen project.

The workshop was held by trainers in welding industry and it was promoted by ISQ Pedagogical Team with the support of EWF, as the coordinator of the project. The participants were VET providers and welding organisations from the countries involved, as it follows: IEFP (trainers) and ISQ (Portugal), HIOA and KIWA (Norway), IPS and CESOL (Spain), MATRAI and MHTE (Hungary).

At the workshop the ANQEP (Portuguese Regulatory Body for VET) was participating and presented possible tools for the recognition of prior learning to be used by the welding sector.

The main objective of the workshop was to provide the necessary information and tool to increase the trainer’s skills and competences with new methodological learning approaches based on the learning outcomes achievements to be used in the EWP (European Welding Practitioner) training. The aim was all so to give the trainers some guidance for implementing the recognition of prior learning to the Welders and Practitioners. Below you can find a brief description of the daily activities:

    Day 1 - Present and test tools and exercises to be used for the Module 1 training of EWP (IEFP)
    On the first day were held presentations about Emergent Pedagogical Approaches (e.g. problem based learning and microlearning) along with practical activities (Hands on – test exercises for Welding Materials and Equipment module):
  • - Video presentation;
  • - Welding- TIG - torch assemblage;
  • - Identification of Imperfections in a test piece;
  • - Visit to ISQ metal shop;
  • - Virtual Welding simulators.

  • Day 2 - Present and test tools and exercises to be used for the Module 2 and 3 training of EWP (IPS + MATRAI)
    The second day of the workshop was concentrate on presenting validating tools and exercises to be used for the Construction and Design module of EWP qualification, as well as brainstorming activities about possible tools and exercises to be used for the Materials and their Behaviour during welding module of EWP qualification.

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    Day 3 - Present and test tools and exercises to be used for the Module 4 and introduction to the Recognition of Prior Learning for the Welding Sector (HIOA + ANQEP).
    The third day was focused on video presentation about Fabrication, Applications, Engineering. Also, a presentation was given on the validation of non-formal and Informal learning stages. The activity day ended with a visit of the participants at the ISQ electric laboratory.

    Day 4 - Present and test RPL tools for the Welding Sector (ANQEP)
    In the last day of the workshop took place another brainstorming activity regarding the tools to be used for the recognition of prior learning (example: Professional and training registration form; Professional and Personal Motivations form; Technical interview guide).
    The Capacity Building Workshop was a success. It was a very dynamic workshop session, where the participants had the opportunity to learn more about new pedagogical approaches, such as problem based learning (PBL) and micro learning, and verify the usefulness and adequacy of tools to be used for the European Welding Practitioner (EWP)pilot testing that will happen by the end of the year in Portugal, Spain, Norway and Hungary.
    The partners were really committed to select and test the best tools to innovate the way EWP theoretical training is currently provided. The work started in the workshop didn’t finish yet, as VET providers and welding organisations will keep developing new approaches and tools to be used in the pilot events.

    Check here for more images from the workshop.
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