MIDTERM Conference in Portugal, Spain, Norway and Hungary

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The MAKE IT Project intermediate results were presented during specific national events with Welders, Training Centers, VET trainers, Welding experts, national stakeholders, as well as, policymakers. Each event had its one date and programme.

The common goal was to: involve key stakeholders into the MAKE IT activity and invite them to give their feedback on the project intermediate results, namely the Pedagogical Kit for trainers and the Recognition of Prior Learning Scheme for the Welding Sector.

NORWAY – Oslo – 28th April 2017

MAKE IT SEMINAR, 53 participants representing mostly VET trainers and Higher Education teachers.

PORTUGAL – Lisbon and Porto - 18th and 30th May 2017

TECHNICAL MEETING FOR TRAINERS OF THE METAL MECHANIC SECTOR, 159 participants representing mostly trainers and VET providers.

SPAIN – Madrid - 28th June 2017

JORNADAS DE APRESENTACIÓN DEL PROJECTO, 17 participants representing trainers and VET providers; industry and companies.

HUNGARY, Hajdúszoboszló,15th September 2017

Mid TERM KONFERENCIA gathered 123 participants the majority of them VET organisations and trainers.