National implementation and testing of MAKE IT tools and methodologies

During eight months (from August 2017 to April 2018), 290 participants were involved in pilot testing activities undertaken by the consortium partners. Therefore, the European Welding Practitioner curriculum, the pedagogical kit of trainers with problem-based exercises and case studies, as well as the RPL model and tools were tested in several EU countries (Hungary, Norway, Portugal and Spain).

The feedback of the participants (trainers, trainees and RPL candidates) was positive and stated the partners commitment to achieve the expected results. Each partner, either VET Provider (MATRAI, IPS, IEFP, HIOA/KIWA) or welding sectoral organisation (MHtE, CESOL, IEFP and NTIM/HIOA/KIWA) have used their expertise in developing and implementing during the pilot training and recognition sessions, the MAKE IT tools and methodologies.

Regarding the developed training materials, participants highlighted the improvement of student’s attention, interaction in the class and overall understanding. The RPL model and tools were considered necessary for professional development for the welding sector, providing international recognition and contributing to the development of new job opportunities.

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